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passing through malpractice?

April 25, 2007




The strength of anything is not known until it is tested. The elasticity of the rubber band is not determined until it is stretched. I grew up to know that examinations or tests are conducted to know whether the pupils or students did understood whatever the teacher or lecturer had taught. It is also true that pupils or students are suspended, expelled or made to repeat classes whenever they are proved to have cheated during tests or examinations; examination malpractice is known to be a very big offense. Nobody is promoted if it is proved they passed through fraudulent means.

But in our nation, it is obvious that people can be promoted even if they are caught in examination malpractices and to some it is not even a crime to do so. Overtime, selections had taken place and it was called elections. Many are promoted to the positions of authority without passing the examination called elections. Many parents had been advising their children against indulging in any form of examination malpractice. The examination bodies, other governmental and non-governmental organizations had been using all means possible to educate the students on the need to study well and shun all forms of malpractice. It will be suicidal for a teacher or lecturer therefore to aid the students in examination malpractice.

The effect of examination malpractice on a society like ours is innumerable. We have people with certificates but are not competent. Many cannot defend themselves in the public or even the courses they claim to have studied in school. Many parents cannot aid their children do their school assignment or homework because they cheated to even pass those things themselves. That is just the case with the running of some things in our nation. The government through the media wage war on many things but still engages in such things. This is the highest level of hypocrisy.

The last selection process of the different political parties was pointing out that it would later translate to general selection. Many want to fight corruption, examination malpractices and fraud at all levels but are the architects of the same. EVERYBODY WANTS TO CHANGE THE WORLD BUT NOBODY WANTS TO CHANGE HIMSELF. This is the case with people in political positions and those aspiring to get there in our nation. Coming to serve the people is not by hook or crook. What will the people carrying ballot papers and bags to their houses tell their children about malpractice? They should hide their faces in shame instead of celebrating illgotten victory at the polls.

The election has shown the dependency of the ‘Independent’. If you fail to plan, you planned to fail. The independent showed that it was totally dependent on the script written by the selectorate that put it in place. It has become Dependent National Selection Commission (D. N. S. C). From the onset, the Dependent Commission showed that it was not ready to conduct any credible and fair election. The several summons by the Senate and House of Representative could not even stop the Dependent Commission from acting out the script written by the selectorate. The teachers or lecturers led by the honourable Dependent Professor have just aided the pupils or students in this examination malpractice. Results have been released even in places the media kept informing the people that elections didn’t take place or there was no presence of electoral personnels.

The elections have come and gone. Who won? The incumbent, the selectorate or the disenfranchised electorate? The truth remains that many have passed this examination (election) through thuggery, arson, ballot papers and bags hijacking and computerized rigging; since an electoral officer was still counting votes cast but the boss has released results. We do know that any student who passes examination through malpractice will soon show the world that he has a certificate but not competent. Anyway, I did foresee a huge task ahead of the tribunals and courts of competent jurisdiction before this elections and it has become clear they have some work to do.

The judiciary had shown in the recent past that they cannot be part of the mess going on in the executive arm by their judgements. Let’s hope the judiciary will tell the students who passed through malpractice and their teachers that it is not a do or die affair and they entered through the window instead of the door. Let’s therefore pray and leave the rest to God, the election tribunals and the courts. If Peter Obi could get justice after being robbed, I believe justice is on the way for many who were robbed in broad daylight in the last elections.  Whatever you compromise to get, you will ultimately lose!

Arinze Alinnor A.

P. O. Box 17985

Ikeja, Lagos


can we collate the ideas?

April 9, 2007


 It is very true that most championship sports teams don’t come in
first place because they have the best players. They win because they know
how to work together. The best players are the ones who know their
teammates’ strength and weakness and work with them so that the entire team
shines. The secret of creating a strong team is blending each member’s
unique talents so that the liabilities are minimized. But the political
systems in our nation or part of the world do not have this team spirit
and we are paying dearly for that. They don’t work together; rather
they work against each other as long as they are not from the same
political party or faction.
  We do know that two good heads are better than one. Many political
parties or those seeking election into political positions usually come
out with manifestoes. During their campaign rallies, we hear them
reeling out good ideas that will better the lot of their people. They come
out with different ideas, which their opponents don’t have on their own
manifesto. Some times, the ones with these innovative ideas don’t get
anywhere near the seat of power and these ideas are not also implemented
by those who won. I have always wondered why the people cannot tell
those that won about those ideas which their opponents thought out. The
men in the print and electronic media also don’t seem to remind those
that eventually won that those ideas are worthwhile even when they didn’t
have it on their manifesto.
  Recently, I have been watching the campaign rallies and jingles of
different political aspirants from different parties. I do know that at
the end of the day all of them are not going to win; only one person for
each position. But all of them have numerous ideas and worthwhile
visions for the people. The man who wins eventually will not say that he is
all knowing. He ought to learn and look out for ideas, which his
opponents thought out for the good of the people. In the past, those who won
always play God. They behave as if they won because their ideas were
the very best. We have seen over the years that they didn’t win because
of their well articulated plans but because of the influence of their
party big wigs or through rigging. Anyone who wins eventually should
therefore look out for other ideas that are not part of his manifesto in
the interest of the people.
  The print and electronic media have always been used by different
parties and aspirants to sell their ideas to the people. I do believe the
media should also go the extra mile by not only collecting the money
for those adverts but should remind them of their promises by playing
back their tapes for them when they assume the position of authority. The
media should also collate all the ideas that were being sold to the
people during campaign rallies and adverts. These are all worthwhile ideas
and so should be made known to the one who wins eventually. This is one
of the areas I believe the media houses are not doing enough. The
eventual winners of the elections are not all knowing. It is our
responsibility therefore to remind them of the worthwhile innovations their
opponents who lost out thought out for the good of the people.
  The point I am making therefore is that all well meaning citizens of
this great nation should be all eyes and all ears, to see and to hear
all that are being sold to us during rallies and through media adverts.
If we have good records of all these ideas being sold to us, we can
remind them of the ones they promised and the ones their opponents
promised which are achievable within the time frame and framework of the
positions they occupy. I do believe that a collation of all these ideas will
help checkmate some use and dump mentality adopted in the past by the
politicians. It will also put in place responsible leadership. The power
of the electorate should not be seen to end with just casting of votes.
It should also be seen to include making sure all electoral promises of
the eventual winners and losers are brought into manifestation. Let’s
stop casting votes and relegate ourselves to the background. We should
learn to hold office holders and seekers responsible for their
words to the people; it will help bring accountability into the
polity. Let’s collate all these ideas that the political office seekers are
selling to us. The truth is that all of them will not win but their
ideas should not be thrown into the trashcan. Their ideas are still
relevant and should be inculcated into the programme of anyone who eventually

you’ve got something

April 2, 2007


I have always said that, ‘nothing is something veiled’. What you call or see as nothing means and is relevant to someone else. Your inability to see the ‘something’ in that ‘nothing’ makes you not to attach or add value to it. Many of us are very good at noticing or seeing the gifts in other people’s lives but are blind and insensitive to our own gifts. We therefore relegate ourselves to the background and celebrate other people and their gifts. We don’t see anything good about ourselves, and therefore do not add value to anything we’ve got. Nothing is enough for the man to whom enough is too little or nothing.

Did you hear about the farmer who grew discontent with his farm so he decided to sell it? A few days later, his estate agent phoned wanting approval for an advertisement she intended to place in the local newspaper. She read it to the farmer. It described a lovely farm in an ideal location, quiet and peaceful, contoured with rolling hills, nourished by a fresh lake and blessed with well-bred livestock. The farmer said, ‘Read that to me again. After hearing it a second time he said, I’ve changed my mind. I’m not selling. I’ve been looking for a place like that all my life.

Many of us are like this farmer. We are looking at what we’ve got with disdain. We are defining ourselves and what we’ve got by other people’s standard, position or pay scale. We measure ourselves against the star on the screen or the model on the magazine cover. We relegate our gifts and our God-ordained purpose to the background, while celebrating the models and the screen stars.

Like the estate agent read to the hearing of the farmer, I will like to remind you of some things. You’re unique and special! There is no other ‘you’ elsewhere in the globe. There is something in you your world needs. There is a difference in you that has value and can add value to your world. You’re more than what you think or have been told by detractors that you are. There is more to you than meets the eyes. You’re a success waiting to happen. Where you are right now is the least you can be. God has made a room for you at the top. You’re made for the top! Don’t settle for less. You’re more than this. God made you for a purpose.

Don’t try to be somebody else. You’re an original, don’t die a carbon copy. There is more in front of you than there is behind. Stop looking back! You may have failed before while trying but you’re not a failure. A hero lies within you awaiting recognition. You may not have everything or what others have but certainly you have something. Look again at what you have. There is something about what you have. Just add passion to it. Be obsessed about it. You’ve a great future with it. Just believe strongly in it. Be ready to give it your all. It is not a crime to start small; but a crime to remain small and where you are. Your little drops will soon amount to so much; your acorns will soon become big oak trees. Make one little steps towards that dream daily. You will soon get there.

Beloved, I want you to know that God did not create you for nothing. God had a purpose in mind before you were born. Have you discovered that purpose? What are you passionate about? What are you willing to do without being handed a pay packet? It may look small but you’ve got something. Believe in it. Believe in yourself. Believe in God. With God your little will become much soon. You’ve got something! Just bring God into that thing and the world will soon celebrate you. See you at the top!