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July 8, 2007


Many things in life are meant to remain one or whole. They ceased to be what they are meant to be when there is disintegration or division. For anything to be one or whole, it must be complete; consisting of all, with nothing or no one missing; not broken; entirely together. Division therefore means splitting, severing, breaking, separating, or rending up into parts or pieces. We have often used knives, cutters, saws and even hands to divide some things. Some other things do not need these to be divided into parts, segments or pieces.

Man does not need to be divided by cutting with any devices before he can be in parts or bits. “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” A double minded man is unstable in all his doings because he cannot get his acts together in that state; He is divided. Many cannot concentrate or remain the same in the face of contrary words. Many of us are disturbed by people’s opinion about us especially if they are negative. Carrying on with life becomes cumbersome. “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.” We understand that pleasant words are as honeycomb, sweet to the soul and health to the bones. Unpleasant words are as vinegar, bitter to the soul and division to the bones. Most unpleasant words enter a man’s system and divide him into parts. He cannot be efficient or effective in this state because he is divided. Engaging in numerous jobs at the same time, ambiguous beliefs, worry, disagreement, confusion, and anxiety can also disintegrate or break man up into parts. We do know that whenever a man has intercourse with a woman, they are one flesh; there is a soulish or spiritual union. It is not just a physical coming together; there is a form of exchange. Some things from the man have entered the woman and vice versa; they have a soul tie together. Men and women, who had multiple sexual partners, have their parts in different people in different places. No wonder their children do manifest characters and behavioural patterns, they and their spouse do not have but which they got from their sexual partners and soul ties. Many who were not into sexual promiscuity have been good masturbators. And during masturbation, the one masturbating must have a picture of a person in mind in order to get the much needed arousal or feeling of real sex. It may be the picture of one you know, or you had sexual contact with, or a picture your mind captured from a movie or pornographic pictures. If your parts are with different people in different places, you are functioning in parts. You cannot be divided and function fully.

Many couples face the challenge of trying to get their hearts to connect as well as their bodies do. Many marriages fail because the couples look at marriage through lenses formed by all the places they have been, all that they have done, and the people they have met along the way. Many couples married for the wrong reasons and without agreement. “Two cannot work or walk together except they are in agreement. Many have not seen marriage as a ‘pick and drop’ relationship. Since both parties are coming from different background and orientation, they have to drop some stuff and pick some stuff. Many celebrated wedding ceremonies did not translate to blissful married life. Happily ever after is found now only in children’s storybooks, but not in many homes. Infidelity has divided some couples. Hidden secrets about old lives have scattered some. Some spouse are starved of sex and they quit the union. Lack of time or attention has made some lose theirs. Some who are more married to their parents than their spouse never helped matters. Some couples are divided when there is a mixture, exchange or misunderstanding of their responsibilities; Some women become men and the men become women. A house divided against itself cannot stand. Divided homes thereafter produce divided offsprings. How do you feel a divided man or woman will fit into marriage or leadership positions? How do you feel divided couples can make good leaders in the family circles?

How do you feel divided families can make good communities? Is it possible for divided communities to make peaceful towns, local governments and states? A house divided against itself cannot stand. It is time for us to look for things that unite us and strengthen those areas. It is time to look beyond ourselves, appreciate other people’s potentials and add value to them. We should avoid being selfish or self-centered and learn to tolerate others and what they believe. Check your actions; you are either solving a problem or creating one. When communication is lacking, commotion is not absent. We cannot become who we are meant to be in a divided state. Our purpose as a people cannot be achieved when we are divided; potentials are underutilized, more time is wasted, more resources are lost and no meaningful progress is made. United we stand, divided we fall.

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