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June 26, 2008

(FILES) -- File picture dated 31 August 1986 shows Nigeria's strongman General Ibrahim Babangida saluting during the 8th summit of Non Allied Nations held in Harare. Nigeria's former military dictator, General Ibrahim Babamosi Babangida, better known by his initials IBB, has dropped his bid to be presidential candidate of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). "I wish to convey to you my intention to withdraw from the PDP nomination process," Babangida told Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo in a letter seen 11 December 2006 by AFP.      AFP PHOTO DOMINIQUE FAGET  (Photo credit should read DOMINIQUE FAGET/AFP/Getty Images) From Getty Images by AFP/Getty Images.




I was taught early in life that it is better to say the truth always. My Mum used to say, “The truth is life”. I did not quite understand most of her utterances until much later in life. One of my school teachers in the seminary days never flogged anyone who dared to say the truth. He made sure he dealt severely with those who lied at any instance. He told us that you would always need more than a hundred lies to keep a lie going. But the truth would always overshadow the lies even after many days and years. I have seen several places and times that the truth changed the atmosphere, and people’s perception about issues especially the controversial ones.



An elderly friend told me that lies have faster legs, but the truth seems to be with solid slow legs. He said that no matter how far lies ran, the truth with solid slow legs will always catch up with lies. One other elderly friend told me that a lie is like an illness or disease; it can only be cured by the truth. From all these expressions and life experiences, it is very clear that the truth stands the test of time, while lies might prevail temporally. Many who were either crucified, maligned, castigated or even battered, always have inner peace whenever the truth of the matter get exposed or unveiled after a period of time.



Many issues had remained controversial after a long period of time. People also take sides not knowing the versions of the stories or cases that were true or false. Some may have raised a lot of dust while they lasted, and people had formed opinions based on what looked like the real scenario that played out. Whenever the truth is unveiled, comments are withdrawn most times and opinions change also with true perception. But most times, people believe the truth delayed in coming and would have changed a lot of things if it came on time. But why is it that the truth always seems to be late?



I was made to understand that the truth always seem to be late because of the enormity of the lies it had to deal with on its path to the ‘ground of revelation’. This seems to be the opinion of many after the book launch by Prof. Humphrey Nwosu. The professor was the head of the National Electoral Commission that conducted the elections in Nigeria in 1993. The elections were adjudged to be free and fair but the results were withheld. That incident changed many things in the political history of Nigeria. After all the agitations and incarcerations, the results never saw the light of day. The then military administration prevailed on this professor not to release the remaining results and declare the winner. Many things had happened between 1993 and now; events seem to have overshadowed many things.



Every year since then the civil society groups and the activists seem to be the ones who commemorate June 12th 1993 and not the government. This year’s remembrance was different. The professor who headed the National Electoral Commission in 1993 released the results and also declared the winner. But the winner of that election is now late. Does this declaration make sense? Is the truth now late? I do not know what you think about this “Late truth”. Is justice delayed, justice denied?



Fifteen years may look a long time to open up on the truth. I am not bothered about the book written by the Professor, but my only concern is the truth. At least we now know the truth, and not mere speculations here and there by different schools of thought. We are sure of some of the actors and actresses in the whole drama. The wound may be healed now, but the scars would be there to remind us. Many had labeled the professor a coward for keeping quiet all these years, but there are many in the polity who are still not bold enough to open up on many controversial issues they are keeping. Can they also tow the line and open some ‘late truth’? I just believe the truth is the truth and should be said all the time. May be this is also the season for all those behind the various crisis and assassinations to confess their sins so that we can forgive all of them at the same time and move on. Truth must prevail over lies in Nigeria!






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