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July 10, 2008




It is very obvious that every human being needs food to survive. Hunger often reminds us of the need for food. We all know that there are different types of food, and we need certain amount of each of them to remain healthy. There are certain kinds of food that are not appealing to the eyes, and do not wet our appetite but which we need all the same to be healthy. Some of us do purge when we take in certain foods. It also means that those kinds of food are not suitable for our body system. It is therefore important for us to know “our food”



What is your own food? You must know your food. Mine may certainly not appeal to you, and yours may not appeal to me either. Not knowing your food might entail you eating any thing good or bad in the name of food. Many people from the look of things do not seem to bother about food or the one that is good enough for their system. So for those people, anything goes.



Hunger is no respecter of persons or class. No matter your class in the society, you will at one time or the other get hungry to show at least that you are still human. The scripture shows in John 4:1-34 that even Jesus was hungry at some point. The disciples of Jesus went into the city to buy food (John 4:8). When His disciples got back with the food, they expected Him to quickly demand for the food. When He did not demand for food, they urged Him to eat (John 4:31). He rather told them that He had food to eat of which they do not know. His disciples wondered whether someone else had brought food for Him when they left. But He made a statement that would change the meaning of food in this piece. He said, “My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work. Food in this context now became work. His food was His work, and His work was His food; His food was His primary assignment and priority.



Jesus would not have been effective if He did not know His food; He had clarity of vision. Do you know your food? You must know you were not called to do everything but something. Until you discover that thing you might be eating other people’s food. As some foods that are not good for the system usually caused stomach upset, doing other people’s assignment might cause struggling and even make you lose relevance. You do not have to be coerced or forced to eat your food; Jesus showed He had passion for His food. You do not have a future with anything that hasn’t become an obsession. You must be passionate about your food. Jesus also showed from that passage that He was focused. You cannot really achieve much without focus. You must not be distracted by what others are doing or not doing. You must focus on your assignment if you must achieve anything out of life.



Many people while focusing on their food fail to recognize opportunity. Jesus recognized opportunity. The whole city came to him because He recognized that the woman by the well was the opportunity to get the whole city (John 4:28-30). Great things come in small packages. You must not look down on certain people and the opportunity that come with them. Many have missed many things because they did not recognize opportunity when it came. It is better to be prepared and not get an opportunity, than to get an opportunity and not be prepared. Be sensitive to opportunities. The disciples of Jesus brought Him ‘food’ but He was not moved. You must be willing to sacrifice in the course of doing your assignment. Abundance can only be guaranteed if you are willing to sacrifice even your comfort.



You may not finish your food if you are not really hungry. There must be a hunger within pushing you if you are to finish you assignment. That hunger cannot be sustained without character. Your character is the sum total of your habits. Habits take time to develop. So you must be willing be practice and work on your assignment over and over again. Many quit their assignment (food) because their eyes are on other people’s food, some others because of the initial stress associated with their assignment. There are no easy assignments; every one has its own hiccups. Don’t leave your food because someone else’s food looks more palatable.



If you must finish your food (your assignment), you must grow up. Growth is painful and involves a loss of some kind. You must also establish healthy boundaries. Many have grown old but have not grown up, so they do not have boundaries like kids in their choices. I want you to remember there is no other ‘You’ in the world. You are unique and original with a unique food. Imitation is limitation, and makes you struggle losing relevance in a short while.



It is time to discover or rediscover your food. Check if you have been eating other people’s food. Remember nobody breaks a record following someone’s record. Stay blessed as you discover or rediscover your food, eat your food, and finish your food. May God also give you the grace to stand the straining in the training.







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