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July 15, 2009
Whenever we hear people ask this kind of question,our minds go to certain things. We presume immediately that we are being asked to explain ourselves from the point of view of where we come from,our parental background, our profession or vocation and some other personal details about us. But today, I am asking you the same expositary question from a different perspective.
We are going to mirror people from different points,at the end of which you can then answer the question “Who are you?” for and by yourself.The first kind of people we are going to see are people who watch things happen;spectators.Many people are spectators in the field of life and activities.They are never part of any move in the right direction.They apply the word ‘caution’ in everything.Many are in this state because of fear of failure. Many of them see calamity in every oppotunity.Many of us have at one ttime or the other gone to watch football matches in the stadium or live transmission on the television. You will agree with me that the people watching from the stands or live on television are only watching and not playing. But they seem to appear to know the rudiments of the game more than those playing on the field judging from their comments and suggestions. But they are only watching things happen on the field of play.It is not limited to the game of football alone but to other sporting activities.
In life, we don’t need to watch things happen, we need to be among the key players. Don’t let the fear of failure,being mocked or laughed at deter you from being among the players.
The second kind of people are people who ask,”What happened?” Many have died as a result of ignorance of whatever is happening around them or being passive in life. Many are ignorant of virtually everything,even who they are,what they can do and what they have got inside.They are therefore absent in the scheme of things. Opportunites are not recognised by them until they are gone.To them everything happens by chance.They are always behind in everything.When people are quitting outdated ideas,formulas and antiquated approaches,they are rather embrassing such ideas as being worthwhile.They are good traditionalists.To this kind of folks,information makes no sense.Many are never aware of change in policies of governance until they become victims of such changes. This kind of people considers reading newspapers,magazines and watching the news on television as waste of time and energy. They prefer asking what happened from people than knowing what is happening. Don’t be left behind in the scheme of things! Acquire useful information relating to your area of endeavour and other areas of life. Remember that success requires your decision to be active and know what is happening, but failure merely requires your permission by remaining passive and inactive.
The next set of people are people who do not need to watch things happen or ask what happened? They are the players in the field of life;they make things happen.This kind of folks take time to prepare,gather relevant information,evaluate the odds,ignore the odds and take on to the field of play.They are the ones who others watch or talk about daily.They are the people in the news.They make the headlines for their exploits in their fields of endeavour.These folks are not afraid of failure or starting small. They are usually the laughing stock of spectators when they are going through the rough terrain and the odds in their journey towards greatness in their different fields.They are determined,focused,resilient,and never give up kind of folks.They are not stopped by obstacles,they are rather built tough by odds against them.They see conglomerates even in their small ideas. They see victory in face of defeat. They see failure as delay and not defeat.They envisage failure as a temporary detour,and not a dead-end street. They believe in themselves and their potentials. Their learning does not lead to knowledge,their learning rather leads to action. They are men and women of vision and purpose. They are the folks that know that vision without action is a day dream. And that action without vision is but a nightmare. They are not afraid of taking chances. These folks have realised the only thing that stands between a man and what he wants from life is often merely the will to try and the faith to believe that it is possible by them. Some men have thousands of reasons why they cannot do what they want to do but these players believe all that they really need is one reason why they can. These kind of folks have seen that business is like wheelbarrow; Nothing ever happens until you start pushing. These players are leaders in different industries who later become coaches knowing that SUCCESS WITHOUT SUCCESSORS EQUALS TOTAL FAILURE.
Beloved, the mirror is before you right now. Have you been watching things happen? Have you been asking what happened? Have you been making things happen for yourself and others around you. WHO ARE YOU BELOVED?
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